LOCAL ANESTHESIA VR IS  a Virtual Reality trainer for dental anesthesia, a clinical procedure that every dentist must be component with, but one that is particularly challenging to master during the dental curriculum. This unique VR module provides learners with visual, auditory and haptic feedback and enables experiential learning in preclinical education. 
shown at
PlayGAMI is an augmented reality origami creativity platform. It has the fun of designing, folding origami and the magic of AR all in a single experience! Our platform lets a user draw on real origami paper and turn their creation into a virtual origami action figure/game character! Further, we use GANs that interpret certain drawn symbols to interactive game elements. The final customized design can be posted to an online 3D Gallery for viewing and sharing on social media.

kids playing with 8'x8' CRANE augmented reality crease pattern (arcp)
maker faire bay area, 2019

kids playing with 6'x6' bodhisattva augmented reality crease pattern (arcp)
at rubin museum of art block party 2019


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